The YES outcome on Wednesday 15th November was an incredible victory for marriage equality and social justice.

It was a victory achieved not by politicians or other self-appointed leaders, but by the more than 7.8 million ordinary people who voted ‘yes’ to equality and an end to discrimination. It was a victory made possible by the countless thousands like you who over the last thirteen years have rallied, marched, moved motions in trade and student union meetings, worn badges and advocated for the cause. It is these actions have made marriage equality an issue that the politicians have been unable to ignore.

As we stand on the cusp of victory, Equal Love wants to send a big shout out and thank you to all of our supporters who have been part of this grassroots movement. Social progress happens because of the efforts of the mass of people and their refusal to tolerate injustice. Without your tireless determination and ongoing support we would not be in this position today. So to all the many thousands who have over the years attended our rallies and events and helped get the word out about them: we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Despite the enormity of our victory in the postal survey, the conservative right is trying to make this moment about legitimising religious bigotry rather than LGBTI rights. They must not succeed.

This is our moment: it is a moment of triumph for a minority that has been vilified, persecuted, discriminated against and sacked from employment over many decades. Protection from discrimination for this minority has finally been won: it is not the time to emphasise the need to “protect” religious bigots.

So while Equal Love wants to see the law changed immediately to allow any couple to marry, we reject any concessions to prejudice to placate those trying desperately to hold on to homophobic discrimination in Australian law in defiance of the overwhelming will of the Australian public. LGBTI people and their allies deserve a bill that reflects the victory that has been won over prejudice, not one that concedes to that very prejudice.

The fight, therefore, is not over. Equal Love will continue to campaign for the sort of marriage equality bill we deserve. And on the day the law is changed to make marriage equal for all, we will have a victory march through the streets of Melbourne. It will be one last chance to show that this is a victory for solidarity, mass action and social justice. Please join us on this important day (whenever it might be). Details will be made available at the earliest opportunity via Equal Love’s website, email list and Facebook page.

Thanks again for your continuing support!

The Equal Love team x

History in the making: over 20,000 march for marriage equality YES vote.

Video by SpeakerTV

On Saturday August 26, Over 20,000 of us made history as we marched through the streets of Melbourne, loudly and proudly demanding a YES outcome for marriage equality. It was a massive rainbow coloured display of fabulousness and strength.

Equal love are thrilled to be have organised Australia’s largest ever LGBTIQ rights rally in history and believe it was the perfect launch for the YES campaign.

If we are forced to have this postal vote, we must make it count. Seeing over 20,000 people out on the streets so vehemently calling for a YES vote is the perfect way to embolden our side and sends a message to the NO camp just how strong and determined we are. It also without doubt sends a shiver down the spines of the likes of the far right politicians, especially Abbott, which is always good.

It was truly inspiring to see how diverse the rally was. It was exactly what we need to see to win. There were people of every age, gender and sexuality. There were families, there were city folk and bus loads attended from country towns to come together and say enough is enough. 13 years is too long and this plebiscite, as much as it is a farce, needs to have a resounding yes outcome. The strength of Saturday’s rally has given thousands faith and determination to make it happen.

Equal Love will be working our butts off over the next few months so keep your eyes out for further events and Sign up to the YES campaign!

Join us in the fight for marriage equality.

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