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The House of Representatives today voted down one of three Marriage Equality Bills currently under consideration, with 42 votes in favour and 98 against. While this reflects a dramatic increase in parliamentary support for equal rights – up from just nine in support last time a vote was taken – the failure of the bill is nevertheless a shameful denial of civil rights to LGBTI people in Australia.


Equal Love Convener Ali Hogg:


“The voting down of this bill is an insult. It is an indictment of both major parties, neither of which have proven themselves allies of LGBTI people. We might expect nothing better from the Liberals, who have been happy to promote lunatic bigots like Corey Bernadi through their ranks for years, but the fact that the ALP has also failed to throw its weight behind equal rights, and has instead helped to maintain homophobic discrimination as law, is nothing less than shameful.


We continue to call on the ALP to make their policy in support of marriage equality binding. This is the only way in which equal rights can realistically become law. And we call on all other MPs to vote for equality next time they have the opportunity, regardless of the bigotry of their conservative leaders. We consider equality for all of sufficient importance to justify politicians taking this stand and even risking admonishment.


The vote today shows that hoping or relying on the good will or conscience of politicians is not going to be enough to get the law changed. Instead, it’s time to escalate the street campaign for civil rights and show that the public is serious about standing against homophobia. Equal rights activists will not give up until the law is changed.


We want to take this opportunity to send a warning to anti-equality politicians: everywhere you go equality activists will be protesting against you. We will keep speaking out and protesting until the voice of the majority is heard and equality becomes law.”


Equal Love is calling on equal rights supporters to join the next demonstration on Saturday 24 November at 1pm at the State Library of Victoria.



MEDIA RELEASE 14/10/2011

- Gillard to announce conscience vote on marriage rights

- Equality advocates reject proposal, demand policy change


Media Release 26/06/2010

The 2010 {ALSO} Awards & celebration on the ALSO Foundation’s 30th birthday was a night to celebrate the hard work many have put in over the last 12 months and to pay recognition for that work.


Media release 17 Feb, 2010 For Immediate Release Peak Union Body Throws Weight Behind Campaign For Marriage Equality Equal Love is delighted to announce that the Victorian Trades Hall Council, the peak representative body for Trade Unions in Victoria has endorsed the Equal Love campaign for Equal Marriage rights. Ali Hogg, Equal Love Publicity Officer commented: “Equal Love have been overwhelmed by the support of the Trade Union movement in the campaign for equality. The Victorian Trades Hall Councils (VTHC) decision to endorse the campaign for marriage equality sends a message to Rudd and the government that it is time to stop prevaricating, the time for equality is now! The majority of people support equal rights for LGBTI couples, and there is no stronger reminder than the support we have received from the Victorian Trades Hall Council and a number of other unions. We would love to see a strong trade union presence at the upcoming rally on March 13.” The VTHC's endorsement adds to the growing number of union bodies that have already endorsed the campaign, such as the Construction Division of the CFMEU, the Australian Education Union (AEU) and the National Tertiary Union (NTEU), amongst many others. Victorian Trades Hall Council Secretary Brian Boyd commented: “In a modern, enlightened country like Australia, the issue of same-sex marriage should no longer have any controversy or stigma attached to it. “It’s time for us to move into the 21st Century and end all interference in the personal relationships between consenting adults.” Liam Byrne from Equal Love stated: “2010 is Equal Love's 'Year of Action' for Same-Sex Marriage. The VTHC's decision to endorse the campaign has added to the momentum. It is clear that the government and the opposition have no intention of just giving equal rights, so its up to us to make a noise and turn the silent majority into a vocal one. This year is an election year, and we are going to do everything we can to make sure that the voice for equality is heard!” Equal Love have called a demonstration for March 13, 1pm at the State Library in Melbourne as part of its 'Year of Action'.

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