The political wrangling around marriage equality has descended into a farce. In their desperation to hold back the inevitable, the right wing of the Liberal Party are clinging on to their plebiscite proposal despite overwhelming opposition. The vast majority of the Australian electorate is in favour of marriage equality and of parliament acting to bring it about immediately.

Equal Love convener Ali Hogg:

"LGBTI people are tired of waiting and having their rights used as a political football by those attempting to stymie change. Turnbull is responsible for this appalling situation, as he refuses to stand up to Cory Bernardi and his ilk. The opposition has a mandate to push the government for a parliamentary vote and to block a plebiscite, and Equal Love supports their efforts in this regard.

We are demanding the government accept the inevitable and allow a parliamentary free vote immediately. Marriage equality could be a reality in a matter of weeks if Turnbull allows this to happen. This issue should be resolved without delay. Every day that Turnbull holds out is an insult to LGBTI people and to all supporters of human rights."

Thousands are expected to rally in Melbourne on Saturday 8 October to demand:

- no to the plebiscite

- immediate parliamentary vote on marriage equality

- free vote for all MPs now


 Please click attending on facebook here.

Time: 1pm
Date: Saturday 8 October
Place: State Library of Victoria

*Photo credit to Andrew McMaster

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