Malcolm Turnbull has scraped back into office after suffering one of the biggest swings against a first-term government in Australian history. This was a rejection, not an endorsement, of the Abbott-Turnbull Liberal agenda, including the proposed plebiscite on marriage equality, which is nothing but a tactic to delay the granting of equal rights to LGBTI people.

Equal Love spokesperson Ali Hogg said:

“A majority of Australians support marriage equality, as do a majority of parliamentarians. The Liberal Party’s proposed non-binding, expensive plebiscite is simply a stalling tactic, a last-ditch effort to delay equal marriage rights. 

“Turnbull, a supposed supporter of equality, should listen to public opinion and ensure marriage equality is granted via a parliamentary vote without delay.

“Equal Love demands that the stalling and delaying end. LGBTI people should not have to wait any longer to have their rights recognised.”

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