PM Malcolm Turnbull has decided to reject our elected members of Parliament (he wasn't getting his way!) and has disolved both houses of the Australian Parliament. Forcing us all to head to the polls for a July 2 election and we are going to make sure that Marriage Equality is the winner out of this election.

Join thousands of Marriage Equality supporters and rally with us on Saturday June 25 and demand an end to this on going discrimination of LGBTIQ people and their relationships.

We are sick of our rights being swept under the carpet, to be dealt with at another time, there are so many other more pressing issues at the moment.....We are Totally Sick of these excuses and talk of plebsiscite delays. Enough is Enough.  

If you want to send a message to all politicians that we aren't going away until we have equality in law, come out and join us in this pre election rally for marriage equality.


Download Coloured poster here


Details: Saturday June 25, 2016

1pm State Library of Victoria.

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