Equal Love, along with many others, are appalled by the Government's 'review' of the program brought on by its own members and the Australian Christian Lobby, with the aim of shutting down access to the program.

The Safe Schools program addresses issues of bullying and vilification, and promotes acceptance of those who otherwise would struggle to gain access to the necessary information and support. These young people may be confused with or questioning their sexuality, they may have struggled with their own gender identity, they may have been a victim of bullying, in any case, these are our communities most vulnerable people and we MUST stand up for them and fight for the continuation of, and indeed increased funding for a 'life changing' and most importantly 'life saving' program.

So many people from our community would still be with us today had the Safe Schools program been available 10, 20 and even 30 years ago. It is saving young lives.

We can't go back to how things were when the system turned a blind eye to those of us that are 'different'. When the needs of our most vulnerable were not included in curriculum and a time when teachers were unable to gain access and support for them to work with students who fell into a minority.

Following the LGBTIQ Community Response held at Trades Hall on Wed 2 March we announce that the 1st rally in solidarity with Safe Schools Coalition and the many schools, students, families, community groups and organisations that value this progarm and to demand the Government back off on it's attack of the program.


This rally we will hear from members directly affected by the work of Safe Schools, teachers, students, parents and advocates.

If you have a story that you would like to share get in touch with us at equalloveaustralia@gmail.com

4:30pm - Rainbow Chalking (Swanston / Bourke)
5:30pm - Rally commences (Vic State Library, Swanston st)


FACEBOOK EVENT HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/217029728651164/

Hope to see you there with all your energy to fight against the right wing conservatives and it's ally The Australian Christian Lobby.

Simple request, plesse do NOT LITTER at the Library. They have been so accomodating over many years in facilitating rallies and on this occassion have moved an event planned to start at 4pm on the forecourt to 7pm. Allowing us to have the rally there. They ask that we do not litter and PLEASE do not deface the building as they hope they can run their event straight after ours without delays of cleaning etc.

Thanks supporters, xx

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