Malcolm Turnbull has betrayed LGBTI people in his single minded campaign to win the Liberal Party leadership and Prime Ministership. Despite being an outspoken supporter of equal rights, Turnbull has indicated he will not be moving to allow a conscience vote on marriage equality, which could see marriage equality made a reality immediately. Instead, he will be sticking with Tony Abbott's plebiscite proposal, a cynical manoeuvre to delay equality.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:

"We are very disappointed that the new Prime Minister has capitulated to the right wing of the Liberal party on the issue of marriage equality in order to further his political career. It is an insult to LGBTI Australians that Turnbull considers our rights to be dispensable when they conflict with personal ambition. Equal Love calls on Turnbull to reverse his stance, allow a free vote on marriage equality and support the bill currently before parliament. Equal Love also calls on all politicians who support equal rights to vote for the marriage equality bill, even if it means crossing the floor against Turnbull."


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