Equal Love expect thousands to rally on Saturday 16 August in support of equal rights in relation to marriage.

Stars of upcoming SBS documentary Living with the Enemy: Same Sex Marriage will address crowd prior to a mass illegal wedding at Parliament reserve. Stars of the program Michael Barnett and Gregory Storer will feature in the controversial program which premieres at 8.30pm Wednesday, September 3 on SBS ONE

Gregory Storer:
"Having Michael as my husband is an important aspect of my life, it makes a public declaration about our love and our relationship, denying us that same right in Australia is inexplicable and inexcusable"

"Australia lags behind our neighbours, how easy to fly across the Tasman and get married, how disappointing to fly home and have that marriage ignored, it's an important life event and deserves the full recognition by our nation"

Michael Barnett:
"Going to NZ to marry Gregory was one of the most exhilarating and romantic experiences of my life.  We wanted to get married in Australia but we were denied that possibility by our government.  Hopefully our involvement in Living with the Enemy will help people realise that this injustice needs to be addressed urgently."

"I got married to Gregory because he asked me to marry him and because I love him deeply.  I want the law changed in Australia so people aren't forced to travel overseas to get married to the person they love.  I also want the law changed as it will help young people accept who they are and realise that it's wonderful to fall in love with someone special, irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation, and even more wonderful when they can celebrate that relationship in front of their friends and family and have it recognised on par with everyone else in the country"

The rally will march through the streets of Melbourne and will end at Parliament Reserve where Equal Love will hold a mass illegal wedding, where couples will be invited to defy the government's law and get married in a ceremony overseen by a supportive celebrant.

Rally details: August 16, 1pm State Library of Victoria
ending at Parliament reserve for Mid Winter Vows


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