Aria Award winner Monique Brumby to perform at Melbourne rally.

Equal Love expect thousands to rally on Saturday 16 August in support of equal rights in relation to marriage.


Convenor Ali Hogg:

"This date has enormous significance for LGBTI people and the over 72 per cent of Australians who support equality. It will be the ten year anniversary of the Howard government amending the marriage act to exclude same sex couples and entrench homophobia in law. This is a human rights issue and we hope to send a strong message to the Abbott government that ten years is too long to deny LGBTI people basic rights and equality before the law."


Equal Love welcome the prospect of marriage equality laws being considered by Parliament later this year. Hogg:


"That Parliament may be voting on this issue later in the year is all the more reason for supporters of equality to hit the streets. We need to keep the pressure on all politicians to make sure they vote the right way."


Protesters will hear from a host of speakers, including the world's first intersex mayor Tony Briffa, as well as a musical performance from Aria award winner  Monique Brumby. Brumby is an outspoken supporter of marriage equality, stating in a recent interview with LOTL magazine:“The single 'Silent War' is a love song that happens to be about the union between two women. It reflects my views on the status of marriage equality in Australia, and that I would really like to see same sex couples recognised under the marriage act.”


The rally will end at Parliament Reserve where Equal Love will hold a mass illegal wedding, where couples will be invited to defy the government's law and get married in a ceremony overseen by a supportive celebrant. Gay couple Michael Barnett and Gregory Storer, who are to feature on the SBS documentary Living with the Enemy, will also speak at the ceremony.


Rally details: August 16, 1pm State Library of Victoria

ending at Parliament reserve for Mid Winter Vows



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