Recent Galaxy polls indicate that 54 per cent of 18-24 year olds are more likely to vote Labor than Liberal 

because of Kevin Rudd’s support for marriage equality.
Marriage equality is shaping up to be a key issue this federal election, and nowhere more so than in the 
seat of Melbourne.
At a mass rally for marriage equality to be held tomorrow, the crowd will hear from the two front runners in 
the seat, The Greens MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt and ALP candidate Cath Bowtell.
The rally will be followed by a march to the registry office where a mass illegal wedding will be held. 
Dozens of couples currently banned form marrying by Australian law will tie the knot in an act of defiance 
against discrimination and to send a message to the politicians in Canberra that LGBTI people are tired of 
waiting for their rights.
Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:
“Nine years is too long. We shouldn’t still be fighting for this basic human right in 2013. And while it’s 
great that the PM supports equality, we need a commitment that it will be made law, we need the ALP to 
follow through with their policy, and we need the Liberals to change their bigoted position. The last nine 
years have shown we can’t rely on politicians in Canberra. We will keep  hitting the streets until equal 
rights are law.”

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