Equal Love is please to announce the line up of speakers for the next Melbourne rally for marriage equality.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the rally at 1pm on Saturday 11 May outside the State Library to hear from:

Paige Elliot Phoenix

Paige's life changed pretty dramatically after his appearance on the 2011 series of The

Australian X Factor.‚Äč

An appearance on the highest rating reality TV series running at the time will tend to

shake life up a little for most people.  Doing so as the first out transsexual contestant

to ever appear on a show of it's kind ups the ante a little.  Paige was successful in

becoming one of the final six contestants in the over 25's category, both raising

his profile as a musician, and that of gender diversity in Australia.

Paige currently resides in Melbourne, and works as an entertainer, writer, public

speaker, educator, community campaigner, and privately practicing psychotherapist.

is profile as a musician, and that of gender diversity in Australia. 


Adam Bandt MP

Adam Bandt is the Greens member for Melbourne and a consistent and outspoken supporter of marriage equality in the Australian parliament. 

Cat Rose (Community Action Against Homophobia, NUS)

Cat has been the co-convener of Community Action Against Homophobia for several

years and currently holds the position of National Queer Officer in the National Union

of Students.

She has been vital in organising the marriage equality campaign in Sydney and was

central in organising the fightback against police attacks on Mardi Gras patrons earlier

this year.

Pip Carew, Asistant Secretary of the Australian Nurses Federation (ANF)

The Australian Nurses Federation have been proudly supported the Equal Love rallies

for some time sending contingents to the rallies to represent the ANF. Pip will be talking

about the importance of union support and solidarity with the Marriage Equality campaign.


Roz Ward (Safe Schools Coalition)

Co-founder of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, Youth Programs Manager of Gay and

Lesbian Health Victoria, and researcher at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health

and Society at La Trobe University.

Roz will be talking about the very real broader effects that the discriminatory marriage act

has on young people today.


Stephanie Meachen. Albury Student Activist

Stephanie has been really active in fighting for equal rights in her country town, trying to

organise an Equal Love committee at her school and is involved in a Minus 18

documentary focusing on young LGBTI youth, which is important as youth suicide rates

being frighteningly high amongst LGBTI youth, especially in regional areas.


Ali Hogg. Convener of Equal Love Victoria.

Ali Hogg is the current convener of Equal Love and has been active in the campaign for

marriage equality since the introduction of the ban in 2004. She has won numerous

awards for her contribution to fighting for LGBTI rights.


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