New Zealand has today become the thirteenth country to legislate for marriage equality. New Zealand joins Uraguay, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Iceland in ending discrimination in marriage law. France is set to become the fourteenth after New Zealand later this week.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:

 “It is high time our neighbours in NZ have the freedom to marry their loved ones and not be discriminated against on the basis of their sex or gender as we are here in Australia.”

“It is shameful that this reform has been introduced by a conservative government, while the Labor government here continues to discriminate, despite the wishes of the vast majority of Labor voters and the community.”

“Marriage equality activists will take encouragement from this win, and will redouble our efforts to pressure the Australian government to also end discrimination. The feeling in the community is that equality should have been made law long ago, and that the Australian government has shown utter contempt towards LGBTI people in this country. We are calling on Julia Gillard and the Labor government to make equality law before Tony Abbott forces us all back to the Stone Age!”

Equal Love will be holding a rally on Saturday 11 May at 1pm at the State Library of Victoria in support of equal marriage rights and encourage all supporters of equality to join us.

The many sympathetic friends, family, school and workmates are also encouraged to attend. We will be sending a clear message to the government, and the opposition, that until we will not stop fighting until equality is law.


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