While Gillard and Abbott will be locking horns for the next six months, there is one issue that they are in furious agreement on: that LGBTI people should continue to be denied marriage rights in Australian law.


They have this week been put to shame by their counterparts overseas. The French parliament last week voted 249 to 97 in favour of allowing same sex marriages, while yesterday the British House of Commons passed similar laws with a 400 to 175 majority. If the arch Conservative government in Britain can grant equal rights for LGBTI people, there is no reason why Gillard and the ALP should not do the same.

Ali Hogg, convener of Equal Love Victoria says

“The fact that the conservative party in the UK can see the need to move towards equality puts the supposed progressive party (the ALP) to shame in Australia!”


LGBTI people will continue to rally in the lead up to the federal election to express our outrage and indignation at the homophobic discrimination upheld by the Australian government and the opposition. We will not stop protesting until equal rights are enshrined in law.


We invite all supporters of equality to join us on the streets for speakers, entertainment and a lively march on May 11 at 1pm at the State Library of Victoria to make our voices heard.


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