Thousands are expected to turn out to march against state-sanctioned homophobic discrimination this Saturday at 1pm at the State Library. The rally will be addressed by the first openly gay player in an Australian Rules football competition.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:

“It is exciting to have public figures like Jason Ball prepared to take a stand against homophobia and discrimination. It was an inspiration to see a player in the code many of us love so much feel confident to both come out, and speak out, for LGBTI rights. It shows that despite Parliament voting to continue discriminating against same sex couples, LGBTI people are not cowered and will be continuing to fight homophobic laws, alongside the millions of straight allies who support us.”

Jason Ballcomments:

“The progress that we are making now in the fight against homophobia in sport and other areas of society has been made so much easier thanks to the continued visibility and presence of the gay marriage debate. That our nation’s leaders continue to stand in the way of progress towards equality under the law is only adding flames to the fire and bringing more and more people onto our side because the injustice is just so obvious.

The high levels of depression and suicide experienced by GLBTI youth as a result of homophobia and discrimination provides a true sense of urgency around this issue. Equality is not inevitable; we have to fight for it.”

The Melbourne rally will also feature an impressive line-up of guest speakers, including:

RODNEY CROOME, spokesperson for Australian Marriage Equality

KAT HENDERSON, National Union of Students National Queer officer and anti-Newman (QLD Premier) activist

ADAM BANDTand SUE PENNECUIK from the greens and ALP’s

JANE GARRET(ALP) will be reading a statement by Victorian opposition leader DANIEL ANDREWS.

And representatives from Headspace Queer/Straight Alliance and Equal Love convener ALI HOGG

PLUS: special guest performance by JAZ FLOWERS (Hairspray the Musical and The Voice)

Rally Details:  Saturday November 24, 1pm State Library




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