A conference of the Victorian ALP today renewed its support for marriage equality, and called on the Gillard government to legalise same sex marriage.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:
“It’s great that the Victorian ALP continues to support equal rights. What really matters now is the ALP’s national conference in December.

The opponents of equality at the conference today- who refused to publicly justify their bigoted stance- have said they are saving their arguments for the national conference. Our message to them is: so are we.

Equal Love is mobilising as many supporters as possible to protest at the ALP conference in Sydney this December.

We are demanding that the ALP listen to the community, including those within their own party, and commit to binding policy in support of full marriage equality at the national conference.

This is the key moment to see the current discriminatory ban abolished. Almost every state ALP branch is behind us, the majority of the Australian public is behind us, and the moral imperative is with us. Our message to Julia Gillard: continue to discriminate at your government’s own peril!”

ALP conference protest details: 12 noon, Saturday 4 December, Hyde Park, Sydney. Marching to the conference at Darling Harbour.

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