Nearly 200 protesters gathered outside Melbourne’s Park Hyatt hotel at an Equal Love protest to call for an end to Julia Gillard’s discriminatory continuation on the ban on marriage equality, joining forces with the Refugee Action Collective to also protest against her party’s treatment towards refugees.

Equal Love Convener Ali Hogg states:

“Equal Love were very pleased that so many people braved the rain in Melbourne to give Gillard a piece of our minds. We sent a message loud and clear today that we must see an end to discrimination in Australian law”

Carl Katter, openly gay half brother of homophobic federal MP Bob Katter, came out to throw his support behind the campaign for marriage equality giving a rousing speech:

“We actually have the majority of Australians behind us and that's something that we've really got to press. If the majority of Australians want to see marriage equality, then why isn't it happening?” Katter asked crowds.

Katter concluded his speech encouraging supporters of marriage equality to attend the National protest in Sydney on December 3rd outside the ALP National Conference.

NATIONAL CONFERENCE RALLY DETAILS: 12pm, Saturday December 3 at Hyde Park North (Sydney, NSW)

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