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 Equal Love is a nationwide campaign for marriage equality in Australia. We aim to put pressure on the government to legislate for equal ....

Equal Love 2016 pre-election rally. Footage by Pat Cotter Films

Tamil Press Office Australia footage of Melbourne Rally August 2015

Magda Szubanksi delivers a moving speech in front of thousands at Equal Love rally

Equal Love proudly supports Australian Marriage Equality initiative “I DO DAY” to raise awareness of the campaign for marriage equality. We encourage everybody to update their status on their social networking sites to say “I Do” to Marriage equality and to get an “I Do” badge to show your support for the campaign.

To sign the petition go to www.ido.org.au


Equal Love welcomes the co-sponsored marriage-equality bill, by Greens MP Adam Bandt and Independent MP Andrew Wilkie, calling for the Marriage Act to no longer discriminate, as well a separate bill by Labor MP Stephen Jones.

Ali Hogg convener of Equal Love said “It’s a great start to the year with both Bandt and Wilkie co sponsoring such a bill and ALP MP Stephen Jones releasing a similar bill within days.”

It puts us in good stead to keep the issue alive and for us to be able to continue to keep up the mounting pressure on MP’s to support equality and support the bills.”

Equal Love have called a National Day of Action for Saturday May 12 where we are hoping to see thousands of marriage equality supporters across Australia hit the streets in a loud and vibrant show of support to keep the pressure on politicians to grant equal rights for LGBTI people in Australia.

To see the Bill co sponsored by Bandt and Wilkie go to

To see the Bill by Stephen Jones go to

Sat 12 May, 1pm State Library of Victoria

Media Contact
Ali Hogg: 0403 019 430


While Australia’s largest rally for LGBTI rights marched in Sydney on
December 3rd last year the ALP changed their party position to no
longer support discrimination in the marriage act but now it is time
to put their money where their mouth is.

Equal Love vow to keep up the pressure until the marriage act is changed in law.

Convener of Equal Love Victoria, Ali Hogg argues that “the platform
change is nothing but window dressing if it doesn't lead to
discrimination being removed from law.”

LGBTI people will keep mobilising until marriage equality is a
reality. Equal Love Victoria will be holding picket actions outside of
MP offices in 2012 to pressure them to vote in favor of equality as
well as taking part in a National day of Action to coincide with
International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on Saturday May

Hogg believes if we mobilise we can win “We saw over 10,000 people
marching outside the ALP conference and it was a real sign that
Australians are fed up and want equal rights granted in law!”

“If we keep up the mobilisations of thousands across Australia in 2012
to demand that all politicians vote for equality we have a real
potential to win”

From now on, we need to be demanding ALL MPs vote for equal rights. We
also demand that equal rights be adopted as binding policy by both
major parties.


National rally on Sat 12 May, 1pm State Library of Victoria

Media Contacts for January:

Louise O'Shae 0420 819 419

Anthony Wallace: 0414 877 399



 DSC 0080

The ALP national conference is now just days away. It represents an important opportunity to see the party’s policy on marriage equality changed. But not if Julia Gillard has anything to do with it.

Gillard both personally supports the ban on marriage equality, and is committed to it remaining ALP policy. This is despite the overwhelming public support for equal rights, and the numerous motions moved inside the ALP in opposition to the national leadership on this issue.


This article was first published on Star Online 


Marriage equality supporters need to reject the proposed conscience vote to amend the Marriage Act.


At first glance, a conscience vote might look appealing. After all, shouldn't politicians be put on the spot? Shouldn't they be made to show whether or not they support equality?

Isn't it better than nothing? Doesn't it mean that Gillard is 'doing something'?



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