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Equal Love 2016 pre-election rally. Footage by Pat Cotter Films

Tamil Press Office Australia footage of Melbourne Rally August 2015

Magda Szubanksi delivers a moving speech in front of thousands at Equal Love rally



Thursday October 25

Equal Love calls on all supporters of marriage equality to keep up the fight for equal rights.

The next rally in Melbourne is on Saturday 24 November at 1pm at the State Library.

The cause of equal rights has never before enjoyed the level of support  it does today. Poll after poll confirms that the vast majority of Australians want to see equality enshrined in law. But the shameful act of the Australian parliament last September - voting down legislation for marriage equality - shows that we still have a battle on our hands.

Convener of Equal Love Victoria, Ali Hogg, says

“It’s more important than ever that we keep the pressure on the politicians as we head towards the next federal election. We need to keep the pressure up to show we aren’t going away until we win our equal rights!”

There are still two marriage equality bills making their way through parliament - we need to show it is the supporters of equal rights, not homophobic lunatics like Corey Bernadi, who are most determined to win.

Equal Love has put a call out and expects thousands to take a stand against the ban on marriage equality. It’s vital we are as vibrant and as loud as possible in order to make our voices heard.

Equal Love encourages all supportive friends, workmates and family to attend the rally. Without solidarity, we will not win.

There will be prizes for most creative placard and most original wedding costume, as well as a flashmob performance on the day.

There will also be speakers, celebrities, performers and much, much more.




The House of Representatives today voted down one of three Marriage Equality Bills currently under consideration, with 42 votes in favour and 98 against. While this reflects a dramatic increase in parliamentary support for equal rights – up from just nine in support last time a vote was taken – the failure of the bill is nevertheless a shameful denial of civil rights to LGBTI people in Australia.


Equal Love Convener Ali Hogg:


“The voting down of this bill is an insult. It is an indictment of both major parties, neither of which have proven themselves allies of LGBTI people. We might expect nothing better from the Liberals, who have been happy to promote lunatic bigots like Corey Bernadi through their ranks for years, but the fact that the ALP has also failed to throw its weight behind equal rights, and has instead helped to maintain homophobic discrimination as law, is nothing less than shameful.


We continue to call on the ALP to make their policy in support of marriage equality binding. This is the only way in which equal rights can realistically become law. And we call on all other MPs to vote for equality next time they have the opportunity, regardless of the bigotry of their conservative leaders. We consider equality for all of sufficient importance to justify politicians taking this stand and even risking admonishment.


The vote today shows that hoping or relying on the good will or conscience of politicians is not going to be enough to get the law changed. Instead, it’s time to escalate the street campaign for civil rights and show that the public is serious about standing against homophobia. Equal rights activists will not give up until the law is changed.


We want to take this opportunity to send a warning to anti-equality politicians: everywhere you go equality activists will be protesting against you. We will keep speaking out and protesting until the voice of the majority is heard and equality becomes law.”


Equal Love is calling on equal rights supporters to join the next demonstration on Saturday 24 November at 1pm at the State Library of Victoria.





Thousands marched in Melbourne today to protest against 8 years of state-sanctioned discrimination. Over 3,000 people from across Victoria marched through the streets of Melbourne chanting “Gay, straight, Black or white, marriage is a civil right!”

Ali Hogg, Convener of Equal Love, said:

“Today was an awesome show of support for equal rights. We sent a loud and clear message to politicians that they should vote in support of marriage equality - even if it means they have to cross the floor of Parliament.”

On this date every year Equal Love has held mass rallies to protest the ban. The protest was followed by a mass illegal wedding ceremony in defiance of the government’s law. About 40 couples were able to have their relationship recognised publicly in front of thousands of supporters.

The ceremony was conducted by Father Greg Reynolds who recently gained notoriety after opening a church of dissident Catholics that welcomes ‘‘every man and his dog’’ – including gays and lesbians. Greg was proud to oversee the wedding of couples who lack the legal right to marry under Australian law.

The rally was addressed by the Member for Melbourne and Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt.

Other speakers included Ryan Hsu, the Victorian Assistant Secretary of the National Tertiary Education Union; Doug Pollard, journalist and presenter on gay and lesbian radio station Joy 94.9fm; and Ali Hogg, Convener of Equal Love Melbourne.

Equal Love have announced a future rally to be held on 24 November 24. We call on all supporters of equality to continue to pressure all sides of politics to vote in favour of equality in the upcoming marriage amendment bills.





On Tuesday 26 June the Australian Christian Lobby will hold a forum in Melbourne against marriage equality. The proceedings will be addressed by conservative Christian politicians, journalists and academics, and will be broadcast into churches around the country.


Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:


“The ACL are on a crusade to promote bigotry. Marriage equality advocates are not going to stand by and let this happen. We will be protesting this event to show that it is equality that has majority support in Australia, not bigotry.”


The protest will include pro-equality Christians. Hogg again:


“Polls indicate that a clear majority of Christians support equal rights, and many of them will be joining Equal Love to protest this forum. This is not about denigrating religion. It is about protesting against homophobic discrimination and those who defend it.”


There will also be a strong message for Julia Gillard at this protest:


“It is shameful that the fringe views that will be propagated at this forum are actually government policy. It’s about time Julia Gillard listened to community attitudes – which are clearly in favour of equal rights – rather than ACL bigots when determining the laws which affect the lives of thousands of LGBTI people as well as their friends and families.”  


For more information, contact:


Louise O’Shea 0420819419

Anthony Wallace 0414877399




Saturday 12 May 2012


Equal Love was thrilled to see 4,000 people come out on the streets to demand equality today.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg said:

“We have been organising these rallies for 8 years and it’s great to see that people are still as passionate as ever! It has become an embarrassment that our Prime Minister, who is supposed to be the leader of the more progressive party, still holds  such a discriminatory position against marriage equality. It sends a message to LGBTI people that they are worth less, and that’s not on!”

The rally led by campaign group Equal Love marched through the streets of Melbourne chanting “What do we want? Marriage Equality! When do we want it? NOW!”

There was no shortage of outspoken celebrities prepared to show their support.

Amongst the speakers at the rally were Greens MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt; half-brother of Bob Katter, Carl Katter; Channel Ten’s, Charlie Pickering; stand up comedian, Tommy Little. The crowd went absolutely wild to hear much loved Magda Szubanski who send a message from her mother “All Power to you!”.

A common theme of the speakers was that it’s great that Obama has come out in support of marriage equality but it’s about time that Julia Gillard got with the program to follow suit.

Equal Love are planning another demonstration for August 11, marking the 8 year anniversary since the Howard government change the marriage act to be solely between a man and a woman. Equal Love will hold a mid-winter vows marriage ceremony for all of those who have a desire to wed their loved ones but aren’t permitted to by law.






















Equal Love  invites you to join us on Saturday May 12 at the Victorian State Library, Swanston st Melbourne from 1:00pm for our next protest rally. 

This will be the first National protest since we saw between 10 and 15 thousand people march outside the Sydney ALP conference.

Thousands are expected to march alongside one another in solidarity in support of the Australian Federal Government amending the current discriminatary law prohibiting marriage equality.

Let's keep up the pressure!

Please invite every supporter of equality that you know!

Let's make it big and loud so we won't be ignored!

May 12

1pm State Library of Victoria

Speakers confirmed:

Adam Bandt (MP)

Ben Convey (Union Pride)

Carl Katter (AME)

Kerrie Beitzel (Vic PFLAG)

Ali Hogg (Equal Love)

More speakers to be confirmed.

This will be an AUSLAN interpreted event




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