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 Equal Love is a nationwide campaign for marriage equality in Australia. We aim to put pressure on the government to legislate for equal ....

Equal Love 2016 pre-election rally. Footage by Pat Cotter Films

Tamil Press Office Australia footage of Melbourne Rally August 2015

Magda Szubanksi delivers a moving speech in front of thousands at Equal Love rally


France has just become the 14th country where marriage equality is legal. The other 13 countries are New Zealand (as of last week), Uraguay, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Iceland. The lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, voted 331 to 225 to adopt the bill, which allows gay marriage and adoptions by gay couples.


Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:


 “Despite it being a controversial decision in France to allow marriage equality, I think it is a massive victory to be celebrated. The fact that the discriminatory law was changed is going to change the lives of many in France and bring hope to others fighting for equality around the world,.”

“We need to take encouragement from the 14 countries who now have marriage equality and continue to demand that our government take a stand and change the marriage act to no longer discriminate in Australia. Australia has to stop lagging behind on this issue and stop discriminating against LGBTI people and give us our much deserved equal rights!”


Equal Love will hold a rally on May 11 and plan to push the issue back on the agenda in the upcoming 2013 election and encourage all supporters of equality to join us on the streets to demand equal rights.


Equal Love believe we will not win marriage equality without a strong campaign and we encourage supporters of equality to bring their friends, family, school and workmates to attend the rally on May 11, because we need them to win. If we continue to take a stand, we send a message to the government that we are not going away until we have equal rights.


New Zealand has today become the thirteenth country to legislate for marriage equality. New Zealand joins Uraguay, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Iceland in ending discrimination in marriage law. France is set to become the fourteenth after New Zealand later this week.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:

 “It is high time our neighbours in NZ have the freedom to marry their loved ones and not be discriminated against on the basis of their sex or gender as we are here in Australia.”

“It is shameful that this reform has been introduced by a conservative government, while the Labor government here continues to discriminate, despite the wishes of the vast majority of Labor voters and the community.”

“Marriage equality activists will take encouragement from this win, and will redouble our efforts to pressure the Australian government to also end discrimination. The feeling in the community is that equality should have been made law long ago, and that the Australian government has shown utter contempt towards LGBTI people in this country. We are calling on Julia Gillard and the Labor government to make equality law before Tony Abbott forces us all back to the Stone Age!”

Equal Love will be holding a rally on Saturday 11 May at 1pm at the State Library of Victoria in support of equal marriage rights and encourage all supporters of equality to join us.

The many sympathetic friends, family, school and workmates are also encouraged to attend. We will be sending a clear message to the government, and the opposition, that until we will not stop fighting until equality is law.




While Gillard and Abbott will be locking horns for the next six months, there is one issue that they are in furious agreement on: that LGBTI people should continue to be denied marriage rights in Australian law.


They have this week been put to shame by their counterparts overseas. The French parliament last week voted 249 to 97 in favour of allowing same sex marriages, while yesterday the British House of Commons passed similar laws with a 400 to 175 majority. If the arch Conservative government in Britain can grant equal rights for LGBTI people, there is no reason why Gillard and the ALP should not do the same.

Ali Hogg, convener of Equal Love Victoria says

“The fact that the conservative party in the UK can see the need to move towards equality puts the supposed progressive party (the ALP) to shame in Australia!”


LGBTI people will continue to rally in the lead up to the federal election to express our outrage and indignation at the homophobic discrimination upheld by the Australian government and the opposition. We will not stop protesting until equal rights are enshrined in law.


We invite all supporters of equality to join us on the streets for speakers, entertainment and a lively march on May 11 at 1pm at the State Library of Victoria to make our voices heard.


Thousands are expected to turn out to march against state-sanctioned homophobic discrimination this Saturday at 1pm at the State Library. The rally will be addressed by the first openly gay player in an Australian Rules football competition.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:

“It is exciting to have public figures like Jason Ball prepared to take a stand against homophobia and discrimination. It was an inspiration to see a player in the code many of us love so much feel confident to both come out, and speak out, for LGBTI rights. It shows that despite Parliament voting to continue discriminating against same sex couples, LGBTI people are not cowered and will be continuing to fight homophobic laws, alongside the millions of straight allies who support us.”

Jason Ballcomments:

“The progress that we are making now in the fight against homophobia in sport and other areas of society has been made so much easier thanks to the continued visibility and presence of the gay marriage debate. That our nation’s leaders continue to stand in the way of progress towards equality under the law is only adding flames to the fire and bringing more and more people onto our side because the injustice is just so obvious.

The high levels of depression and suicide experienced by GLBTI youth as a result of homophobia and discrimination provides a true sense of urgency around this issue. Equality is not inevitable; we have to fight for it.”

The Melbourne rally will also feature an impressive line-up of guest speakers, including:

RODNEY CROOME, spokesperson for Australian Marriage Equality

KAT HENDERSON, National Union of Students National Queer officer and anti-Newman (QLD Premier) activist

ADAM BANDTand SUE PENNECUIK from the greens and ALP’s

JANE GARRET(ALP) will be reading a statement by Victorian opposition leader DANIEL ANDREWS.

And representatives from Headspace Queer/Straight Alliance and Equal Love convener ALI HOGG

PLUS: special guest performance by JAZ FLOWERS (Hairspray the Musical and The Voice)

Rally Details:  Saturday November 24, 1pm State Library




Get your new Equal Love tee this Saturday at the Melbourne rally for marriage equality. Nov 24, 1pm State Library of Victoria.



Equal Love expects thousands of people to rally in support of marriage equality on Saturday 24 November in Melbourne. Encouraged by the passing of marriage equality in four US states in the recent election (Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington), and disgusted by the Australian parliament's recent rejection of marriage equality laws, the November rally promises to be large and angry.

Convener of Equal Love Victoria, Ali Hogg:

“It’s about time Labor and the Liberals got with the times and make equal rights law. The majority of Australians support ending discrimination, yet LGBTI people continue to be denied our civil rights. If more and more US states can do it, why not Australia? We've just seen millions of people tune in to and celebrate the first gay proposal on national television- it's time we got to see the first official gay marriage!”

The Melbourne rally will feature a knock-out line up of guest speakers, including:

JASON BALL, VFL footballer and the first and only player to come out as gay,

RODNEY CROOME, spokesperson for Australian Marriage Equality and leading activist in the campaign to decriminalise homosexuality in Tasmania,

KAT HENDERSON, National Union of Students National Queer officer, and anti-Campbell Newman (QLD Premier) activist

and many more, including representatives of the greens and state opposition ALP and Headspace and Equal Love’s Ali Hogg.

And, the day wouldn’t be complete without some entertainment.

There will also be a Lady gaga inspired flashmob and special guest performance by JAZ FLOWERS, famous for her role in playing Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray the Musical as well as The Voice.

Rally Details: November 24, 1pm State Library

The Flashmob will begin at 12.45, so be there early!

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