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 Equal Love is a nationwide campaign for marriage equality in Australia. We aim to put pressure on the government to legislate for equal ....

Equal Love 2016 pre-election rally. Footage by Pat Cotter Films

Tamil Press Office Australia footage of Melbourne Rally August 2015

Magda Szubanksi delivers a moving speech in front of thousands at Equal Love rally

Equal Love would like to say a massive thank you to everybody who

participated in and attended our recent fundraising events!

Both events were a huge success and we raised almost enough money

to fund our upcoming rally on August 17th.

A. extra special thank you to the amazing Dolly Diamond who turned her

"The Friday Night Late Show' into a special Equal Love

fundraiser. If you would like to support Dolly in her remaining shows click here.

Equal Love is run by volunteers and runs solely on the donations of our

supporters and we encourage you to keep up the support

so we can continue to fight for equal marriage rights.

Singer Jade Leonard has recently released her song Equal Love and if you

purchase it on itunes you will be making a donation

to Equal Love at the same time as Jade Leonard has agreed to donate the

proceeds. You can listen to and purchase the song here.

Jade Leonard will be performing this song at the rally on August 17 so be

sure to learn the words.

If you would like to make a further contribution to our fighting fund for

equality, you can simply donate by transfering money directly

into our account:

Equal Love Australia

BSB: 06 3123 Account Number: 1043 6080


Thanks again and we look forward to standing alongside you in the

struggle for equality!

XO The Equal Love Team



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Saturday May 11 saw thousands of enthusiastic supporters of marriage equality come out on the streets demanding that the government change the marriage act so it no longer discriminates against many Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgendered and Intersex (LGBTI) people. Equal Love  who organised the rally said they aim to try to make the issue of marriage equality one that both major parties can not ignore in the lead up to September’s election.

The rally started with an array of inspiring speeches including Paige Phoenix, a female to male transexual man who was told his marriage to his wife was invalid because he chose not to take up a potentially life threatening operation so he can have the letter M on his birth certificate.

Adam Bandt spoke about his equality bill that will be put to the vote in parliament on June 6, being our only chance of getting marriage equality through before the Federal election in September.

Most inspiring of all was Stephanie Meachan, a high school student from Albury, who not only spoke of her experience in facing discrimination as a young bisexual woman in the country but also expressed the negative messages it sends to young people that the government allows hetereosexual marriages but denies so many others!

The protest march stopped mid way, where hundreds of participants chalked on the road to make a giant DIY rainbow crossing in the intersection of Bourke and Swanston sts as a gesture of solidarity with those in Sydney who had an iconic rainbow-coloured crossing taken away earlier this year. The #DIY rainbow campaign has taken off and has become a worldwide phenomenon with people chalking up rainbows across Europe, the USA and Asia.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:
“Today was an inspiring show of defiance and I think we need more rallies just like this if we want to get marriage equality put on the agenda as an election issue in September. It looks like wear heading for a Liberal government. Now is not the time to be cosying up to the Libs but we need to start preparing for a serious fight back and not just ask for our equal rights but demand they grant us full equality.”

Equal Love Announced their next rally marking the 9th anniversary since John Howard changed the marriage act to state that marriage shall be strictly ‘an institution between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others” The August rally is 4 weeks before the Federal election and is expected to  send a loud and passionate message to both major parties demanding equality.





Equal Love is please to announce the line up of speakers for the next Melbourne rally for marriage equality.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the rally at 1pm on Saturday 11 May outside the State Library to hear from:

Paige Elliot Phoenix

Paige's life changed pretty dramatically after his appearance on the 2011 series of The

Australian X Factor.‚Äč

An appearance on the highest rating reality TV series running at the time will tend to

shake life up a little for most people.  Doing so as the first out transsexual contestant

to ever appear on a show of it's kind ups the ante a little.  Paige was successful in

becoming one of the final six contestants in the over 25's category, both raising

his profile as a musician, and that of gender diversity in Australia.

Paige currently resides in Melbourne, and works as an entertainer, writer, public

speaker, educator, community campaigner, and privately practicing psychotherapist.

is profile as a musician, and that of gender diversity in Australia. 


Adam Bandt MP

Adam Bandt is the Greens member for Melbourne and a consistent and outspoken supporter of marriage equality in the Australian parliament. 

Cat Rose (Community Action Against Homophobia, NUS)

Cat has been the co-convener of Community Action Against Homophobia for several

years and currently holds the position of National Queer Officer in the National Union

of Students.

She has been vital in organising the marriage equality campaign in Sydney and was

central in organising the fightback against police attacks on Mardi Gras patrons earlier

this year.

Pip Carew, Asistant Secretary of the Australian Nurses Federation (ANF)

The Australian Nurses Federation have been proudly supported the Equal Love rallies

for some time sending contingents to the rallies to represent the ANF. Pip will be talking

about the importance of union support and solidarity with the Marriage Equality campaign.


Roz Ward (Safe Schools Coalition)

Co-founder of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, Youth Programs Manager of Gay and

Lesbian Health Victoria, and researcher at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health

and Society at La Trobe University.

Roz will be talking about the very real broader effects that the discriminatory marriage act

has on young people today.


Stephanie Meachen. Albury Student Activist

Stephanie has been really active in fighting for equal rights in her country town, trying to

organise an Equal Love committee at her school and is involved in a Minus 18

documentary focusing on young LGBTI youth, which is important as youth suicide rates

being frighteningly high amongst LGBTI youth, especially in regional areas.


Ali Hogg. Convener of Equal Love Victoria.

Ali Hogg is the current convener of Equal Love and has been active in the campaign for

marriage equality since the introduction of the ban in 2004. She has won numerous

awards for her contribution to fighting for LGBTI rights.


Equal Love Melbourne convenor Ali Hogg:


“A referendum to extend full marriage rights to all couples regardless of gender is something every equal rights activist should fully get behind. It would be an exciting opportunity for the great majority of people in Australia to show their support for equality, and to demonstrate just how out of step the two major parties are with public opinion on this issue. Just as the 1967 referendum accorded civil rights and equality before the law to Aboriginal people, we are confident a referendum on equal rights for LGBTI people would result in a similar step forward for civil rights today.”


In response to the concerns of some in the marriage equality movement who have argued that a referendum would mobilise bigotry and that legislation is preferable, Hogg argues:


“We are not afraid of the homophobic scare campaign that anti-gay groups like the Australian Christian Lobby are sure to wage. That all people should be treated equally before the law, regardless of who they choose to love, is a democratic principle upheld by the majority of Australians, and no amount of Bible quoting and homophobic ranting can change that. We strongly believe that the message of equality and civil rights will win out in any public debate on marriage rights.”


“We have waited too long for the major parties to change the law. They have shown nothing but contempt for LGBTI people and the Australian public by refusing to end discrimination in line with public attitudes and wishes. A referendum represents our chance to compel them to do the right thing, and so we welcome it. Of course, it is not counter-posed to legislation change – that should continue to be something we fight for – but a referendum could well provide a direct route to equal rights, which would be fantastic.”


Equal Love will be holding a public rally for marriage equality at 1pm on Saturday 11 May outside the State Library.

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