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Equal Love 2016 pre-election rally. Footage by Pat Cotter Films

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Magda Szubanksi delivers a moving speech in front of thousands at Equal Love rally



Press Release 12/12/13


Equal Love groups and Community Action Against Homophobia have promised to fight on across the country to push Abbott back and win equal marriage rights, despite the High Court today striking down same-sex marriage in the ACT.

On behalf of CAAH and Equal Love Cat Rose said, "It's extremely disappointing. The ACT gave us a small taste of what we wanted to see. Just disgraceful that the federal government is so petty and homophobic that they would interfere and annul the same sex marriages that took place.

Rose continued, "But we were going to have keep fighting for equal rights whatever happened, and that's just what we are going to do now. August 13 next year will mark 10 years since the Howard government passed the Marriage Amendment Act saying that marriage was to be between one man and one woman only. Equal Love and CAAH will be working around the country to protest this occasion - we're going to fight Abbott all the way, and are looking forward to seeing many others do the same."

Equal Love in Melbourne have already announced a year of action for marriage equality, with a protest on Saturday August 16 at 1pm, State Library to mark the ten year anniversary of the ban on LGBTI marriage.

Contact Cat Rose, Co-convener of Community Action Against Homophobia in Sydney 0405 770 302

Ali Hogg, Convener of Equal Love in Melbourne 0403 019 430




This Saturday, 23 November, Equal Love Melbourne will be hosting the city’s first marriage equality rally since Tony Abbott became prime minister.

Thousands are expected to take to the streets to oppose both Abbott’s refusal to amend the discriminatory Marriage Act and the high court challenge against the ACT’s new same-sex marriage laws.

Speakers will include:

Greens senator Sarah Hanson Young, who has tabled bills for marriage equality and is an outspoken supporter of equal rights;

Ron Van Houwelingen and Antony McManus, a gay couple who have been together for 26 years and want to marry – but only when it is legal in their home town;

Peter Marshall, secretary of the United Firefighters Union, which has been a long standing supporter in the fight for equality; and

a representative from the National Union of Students.

Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg said:

“It’s an absolute disgrace that the prime minister will not even grant his own sister equal rights, let alone the many thousands of people in Australia who remain second class citizens. We in Equal Love are determined to keep the pressure on the Abbott government until we see marriage equality for all.”



The march will end at Victorian State Parliament.



If you or your organisation would like to donate to Equal Love you can deposit money directly into our commonwealth bank account. *

Equal Love

BSB: 06 3123

Account Number: 1043 6080


*Donations to Equal Love are not tax deductable. 

Recent Galaxy polls indicate that 54 per cent of 18-24 year olds are more likely to vote Labor than Liberal 

because of Kevin Rudd’s support for marriage equality.
Marriage equality is shaping up to be a key issue this federal election, and nowhere more so than in the 
seat of Melbourne.
At a mass rally for marriage equality to be held tomorrow, the crowd will hear from the two front runners in 
the seat, The Greens MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt and ALP candidate Cath Bowtell.
The rally will be followed by a march to the registry office where a mass illegal wedding will be held. 
Dozens of couples currently banned form marrying by Australian law will tie the knot in an act of defiance 
against discrimination and to send a message to the politicians in Canberra that LGBTI people are tired of 
waiting for their rights.
Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:
“Nine years is too long. We shouldn’t still be fighting for this basic human right in 2013. And while it’s 
great that the PM supports equality, we need a commitment that it will be made law, we need the ALP to 
follow through with their policy, and we need the Liberals to change their bigoted position. The last nine 
years have shown we can’t rely on politicians in Canberra. We will keep  hitting the streets until equal 
rights are law.”

Equal Love welcomes PM Rudd’s commitment to introducing marriage equality legislation within 100 days of a new Labor government, and calls on all politicians and federal election candidates commit to voting for the legislation. Equal Love furthermore demands Abbott also commit to holding a vote on marriage equality within 100 days of forming government should he win the election.


Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg:


“It was good to see the leaders of both major parties finally softening their positions on homophobic discrimination in the federal election debate. It is what the majority of Australians have been hoping to see for some time.


While Equal Love would have liked to see PM Rudd commit to passing marriage equality laws under a new Labor government by overturning the conscience vote policy and compelling MPs to vote in accordance with ALP policy, we nevertheless welcome the opportunity for a vote within 100 days.


Equal Love will be doing all we can to put pressure on every MP and federal election candidate to commit to supporting this basic civil right for LGBTI people. This starts this Saturday, when thousands are expected to hit the streets for a rally and mass illegal wedding ceremony for equal rights. Let’s hope that we can be enjoying legal weddings in the not-too-distant future!”


The rally on Saturday will mark nine years since the amendment of the Marriage Act by the Howard government to exclude LGBTI people, and will be followed by a mass illegal wedding outside the Registry Office.


Equal Love has vowed to continue organising protests for equal rights, regardless of the outcome of September’s election.


RALLY DETAILS: 1pm, Saturday 17 August, State Library

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