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 Equal Love is a nationwide campaign for marriage equality in Australia. We aim to put pressure on the government to legislate for equal ....

Equal Love 2016 pre-election rally. Footage by Pat Cotter Films

Tamil Press Office Australia footage of Melbourne Rally August 2015

Magda Szubanksi delivers a moving speech in front of thousands at Equal Love rally



Today on IDAHOBIT( A day dedicated to fighting homophobia, transphobia, bi-phobia and intersexism) we saw a vibrant and colourful rally for equal rights, demanding the Abbott government repeal the discriminatory marriage act. Among the crowd, many were also angry at the government’s recent budget announcement which will see LGBTI people hard hit, especially the attacks on health care access and welfare support for young people, which will increase the LGBTI homeless and suicide rates.


Speakers at the rally included:


Equal Love convener ALI HOGG

ADAM BANDT (Greens MHR for Melbourne)

SALLY GOLDNER (Transgender Victoria)

ADAM BOTTOMLEY (Australian Services Union Delegate of the Year 2013)

NAOMI FARMER (National Union of Students Queer Officer)

Plus live music performances by ROSCO ELLIOT and the Gay and Lesbian Chorus who performed a lively original song entitled ‘Equality’ written especially for the campaign for equal marriage rights



Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg said:

“Today’s passionate rally showed that people are still angry that the government is maintaining this backward and discriminatory marriage ban. they are growing impatient because our cries are being ignored.

We expressed a clear and loud message to the Abbott government today that discrimination has got to end. This is an important civil rights struggle and we will continue the struggle until we reach full equality in Australia.”


Equal Love commit to continuing the fight and encourage all those who support equality to attend the mid winter vows on the ten year anniversary of the ban on equal marriage rights on the 16th August at 1pm at the State Library.





This Saturday, thousands of people will hit the streets for equal rights. They will be demanding the Abbott government legislate for marriage equality and end homophobic discrimination in this area. LGBTI people will be hard hit by the budget, especially the attacks on health care access and support for young people. This will only add to the anger many feel on the ten year anniversary of the Howard’s government’s amendment of the Marriage Act.


Speakers will include:


ADAM BANDT (Greens MHR for Melbourne)

SALLY GOLDNER (Transgender Victoria)

ADAM BOTTOMLEY (Australian Services Union Delegate of the Year 2013)

NAOMI FARMER (National Union of Students Queer Officer)

Plus live music performances by Ross Eliot and the Gay and Lesbian Choir


Equal Love convenor Ali Hogg said:

“LGBTI people are sick of being second class citizens in Australia. We will be sending a clear message to the Abbott government this Saturday that discrimination has got to end. This is an important civil rights struggle and we urge all supporters of this demand to join us on the streets. We will not give up until we have full equality!”






The march will end at Victorian State Parliament. 


By Erin Steele

In March 2012 I sat in on a marriage equality forum in Melbourne held by Equal Love, one of the groups leading the campaign for equal rights. I was nervous as hell and didn’t really know much about marriage equality beyond the fact that we didn’t have it.

I joined Equal Love that night and haven’t looked back for one minute. My reasons for joining were numerous, some more noble than others.

Having recently returned from the UK, where I had come out of the closet, had my political interest piqued, and been following the infuriating yet heartbreaking spectacle of two of my closest male friends (one American, one British with dual Australian citizenship) jumping through every available hoop to marry and live in the US.

After 18 exhaustive months of sworn statements, extensive documentation of the relationship and visits to immigration, my friend’s US visa was not granted.

Despite needing to live in the US due to familial responsibilities, they were forced to settle for a civil union in the UK, which would allow them to live and work as a de facto couple. They spent every spare penny they had on travelling to Australia and then the US to visit their respective families. 

Returning home, I couldn’t get on the internet fast enough. “I’m gay!” I thought. “This affects me! And people I know! And it’s bullshit!”

I searched for the term “marriage equality Australia” and clicked on the first website I could find (well, the first that didn’t require a special set of prerequisites to join), “Equal Love”.  I had never heard of the group, or of Ali Hogg (the group’s convener and leader), who I’ve come to know as one of the warmest, fiercest, bravest and hardest working activists I could have hoped to meet. 

Admittedly I joined Equal Love knowing little to nothing about politics, queer culture or whether this would ever really be relevant to my life or interests. Frankly, it was just an issue I felt strongly about, but I also just wanted to meet some other like-minded queers and protest against a system I don’t agree with on the whole. It definitely wasn’t personal.

Two years on, however, I feel a little differently. Six Melbourne rallies, three regional rallies (at one of which I spoke on behalf of EL), dozens of events, fundraisers, meetings, working bees, posters, flyers, social media campaigns and three different T-shirt designs – this has become more than a little personal. 

Be it Liberal or Labor, there has been a revolving door of politicians who have overseen ten years of legislated discrimination, some with vehement opposition and gross bigotry, some with an apologetic shrug at the withholding of our civil rights.

This is my problem. Not because I’m queer. Not because I’m a leftie. Not even because I particularly want to get married. But because I’m a human being and civil rights belong to everyone. It is the principle of the thing.

I now understand and can speak fairly authoritatively on legislated discrimination, the anti-gay lobby, the Marriage Act and how it operates within the Constitution, what is required in parliament to achieve our objective and the larger agenda at work in continuing this legislated bigotry.

This year marks 10 years of action for marriage equality. Yes, I am disgusted. And yes, it is personal. I’ll be at the next rally to keep up this fight. Will you join me?

Article first published in Red Flag.

Equal Love's next March for Marriage Equality in Melbourne is on May 17 1pm, State Library of Victoria. Click attending on facebook.

Equal Love will be proudly marching in Pride March 2014 to highlight that ten years have passed since the Howard government amended the Marriage Act to outlaw marriages between LGBTI people in Australia.

Our message to the current LIberal government will be: Ten years of homophobic discrimination is ten years too many! 

Benjamin 2012 Big Brother Winner (Benjamin Norris), his fiancé Ben Williams, Nathan Big Brother 2013 (Nathan Little). Tahan Lew and Sharon from the 2013 BB house will be proudly marching with Equal Love to champion the cause for Marriage Equality and we invite you to join us to say 10 years of marriage discrimination is 10 years too long!

Equal Love will be marchin in position 88 so look out for us on the day.

The day is predicted to reach 41 degrees so please bring plenty of drinks to stay hydrated and Equal Love will provide sunscreen on the day for our contingent.

Equal Love marriage equality contingent on the annual Pride March 
Meeting from 12 noon, Sun 2 February, Cnr Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy sts, St Kilda



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